Martor No. 23 / Year 2018

Visual Archaeologies

Author: Viviana Iacob

About the author:
Viviana Iacob
Curator, Ethnological Archive, Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharest

Pages: 237-239

Keywords: Ethnological archive, visual essay, Museum of the Romanian Peasant.

The volume includes a visual essay curated by Viviana Iacob, explained at the end of the journal. The image selection (Visual Archeologies) captures the multiple ways in which changes are recorded in the documentary visual archives of heritage institutions, taking the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant as its case study. The ethnographic archive of the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant is a multimedia repository replete with artefacts that document this institution’s avatars for more than a century. In this sense the archive does not only record the work, carried out by the National Museum of Art, the Folk Art Museum, The History Museum of the Communist Party or the Romanian Peasant Museum, and therefore “the what”, but also “the how,” the technologies that made possible this work of documentation. 

How to cite this article: Iacob, Viviana. 2018. “Visual Archaeologies.” Martor 23: 237-239.