Martor No. 21 / Year 2016

Jardin d’herbes, «En Herbe»

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Author: Nicolas Triboi

About the author:

Nicolas Triboi
Paysagiste, Atelier Foaie Verde, Romania.
E-mail: foaie.verde at gmail dot com

Pages: 183-187.

Keywords: village gardens, meadows, landscape, countryside, exhibition, Mușcel region.

During the years 2013-2015, in each season (spring 2013, summer 2014 and autumn 2015), the landscape designers Nicolas Triboi and Alina Adăscăliței, together with the curators Ruxandra Grigorescu and Mirela Florian from the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant have organised, at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant (Bucharest), three thematic exhibitions concerning the use in different seasons of the meadows in Mușcel region, southern Romania. These meadows, locally called “gardens”, are not only used for providing food and hay, but they also are filled with emotional and cultural value.
How to cite this article: Triboi, Nicolas. 2016. “Jardin d’herbes, «En Herbe».” Martor 21: 183-187.