Martor No. 22 / Year 2017

Creative Traditions and Ecology of Heritage

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Author: Vintilă Mihăilescu

About the author:

Vintilă Mihăilescu
Professor, PhD., Department of Sociology, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania
Email: mihailescuvintila at yahoo dot com

Pages: 9-31.

Keywords: tradition, invented traditions, heritage, patrimony, creative traditions.


Eric Hobsbawm used a distinction between “customs” (collective representations of the past experienced as present) and “tradition” (as “imagined past”, a product of modernity), while at the same time introducing the concept of “invented traditions” into the theoretical terminology of the social sciences. He thus opened the way for a nuanced analysis of the concepts that come into discussion in the analysis of the relation between the past and the present that re-uses it. Starting from this methodological distinction, the article presents a discussion of past and present by analysing such concepts as tradition, patrimony, legacy, succession, and preservation. These are the concepts that govern the relation between and regarding the cultural-identitary politics that correspond to them, and this can be richly exemplified in the case of Romania.

How to cite this article: Mihăilescu, Vintilă. 2017. “Creative Traditions and Ecology of Heritage.” Martor 22: 9-31.