Martor No. 25 / Year 2020

Introduction: Roma Marriage-Making, Between the Constraints of “Tradition” and the “Choices” of Liberalization

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Ana Chirițoiu

Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Central European University, Austria

Cătălina Tesăr

University of Bucharest; National Museum of the Romanian Peasant; NEC fellow 2019-2020, Romania

Pages: 9-14

Keywords: Roma, Marriage-making, Central Europe, Eastern Europe.

Abstract: The present issue brings together in-depth accounts and analyses—ethnographic, legal, dialogic, and visual—of marriage-making processes among various Roma populations in Central and Eastern Europe, and accounts for how marriage can be at once a means of change, and a vehicle of continuity. Furthermore, it shows how marriage mediates between affects and social hierarchies, and between individual aspirations and collective moralities, and how it legitimizes such heterogenous, and even contradictory claims to “identity” as those espoused by so-called traditional groups, and by “assimilated” Roma.

How to cite this article: Chirițoiu, Ana, and Cătălina Tesăr. 2020. “Introduction: Roma Marriage-Making, Between the Constraints of ‘Tradition’ and the ‘Choices’ of Liberalization.” Martor 25: 9-14. [DOI: 10.57225/martor.2020.25.01]