Martor No. 23 / Year 2018

Curating Change in the Museum: Introduction to the Volume

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Authors: Gruia Bădescu, Simina Bădică, Damiana Oțoiu

About the authors:
Gruia Bădescu
PhD, Research Associate, University of Oxford; Research Fellow, University of Konstanz
gruia.badescu at ouce dot ox dot ac dot uk; gruia.badescu at gmail dot com

Simina Bădică
PhD, Curator, House of European History, Brussels
simina.badica at europarl dot europa dot eu

Damiana Oțoiu
PhD, Senior Lecturer, Political Science Department, University of Bucharest
damiana.otoiu at fspub dot unibuc dot ro

Pages: 9-13

Keywords: museum, curating change, introduction.

Museums are places of conservation but they do not necessarily have to be conservative places. On the contrary, museums are sometimes at the vanguard of cultural innovation, changing the world rather than keeping up with the way the world changes. This thematic issue brings together texts and case-studies of museums challenging the status-quo, opening up instead of closing in, daring instead of being cautious, all the while keeping up the standards of preserving and exhibiting the precious collections in their care.

How to cite this article: Bădescu, Gruia et al. 2018. “Curating Change in the Museum: Introduction to the Volume.” Martor 23: 9-13. [DOI: 10.57225/martor.2018.23.01]