Martor No. 22 / Year 2017

Forging Folklore, Disrupting Archives: Curatorial Explorations between Tradition and Innovation

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Authors: Magdalena Buchyczyk, Gabriela Nicolescu, and Alexandra Urdea

About the authors:

Magdalena Buchczyk
Senior Research Associate, PhD., University of Bristol, U.K.
E-mail: magda.buchczyk at bristol dot ac dot uk

Gabriela Nicolescu
Associate Lecturer at Goldsmiths, PhD., University of London, U.K.

Alexandra Urdea
Research Assistant, PhD., University of Sussex, U.K.

Pages: 129-147.

Keywords: curating, ethnography, folklore, creativity, archive, United Kingdom.


This article describes how artists, scholars and curators have used folkloric collections and exhibitions as tools to explore the relationship between tradition and innovation. Contemporary art practice has seen a growing interest toward the use of folkloric material. With this in mind, in our curatorial work on the Forging Folklore, Disrupting Archives exhibition, we experiment with new methods of ethnographic representation. The article highlights the importance of animating folkloric and traditional objects through experimentation with collaborative, participatory and visual approaches.

How to cite this article: Buchczyk, Magdalena, Gabriela Nicolescu, and Alexandra Urdea. 2017. “Forging Folklore, Disrupting Archives: Curatorial Explorations between Tradition and Innovation.” Martor 22: 129-147.