Martor No. 22 / Year 2017

Creative Traditions Forum: the Project and the Team

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Author: Corina Iosif

About the author:

Corina Iosif
Researcher, PhD., National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Romania.
E-mail: corinaiosif at yahoo dot com

Pages: 183-195.

Keywords: Creative Tradition Forum, interview, project team, traditions, cultural patrimony, peasant cultures, manufacture, hand-made, peasant crafts, traditional skills.


The present text is an interview with the members of the “Creative Traditions Forum” project, hosted in 2017 by the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, with the financial support of the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN Romania). The aim of this project is to encourage the development of the whole area of creation related to traditions, to bring traditions into the modern age and to draw benefits from knowledge that has been accumulated and passed down, in a way that will be useful and applicable to the period and the times in which we live. In other words, the project is promoting the idea of the modern age of traditions, in which tradition takes on contemporary usefulness.

How to cite this article: Iosif, Corina. 2017. “Creative Traditions Forum: the Project and the Team.” Martor 22: 183-195.