Martor No. 22 / Year 2017

Inside the Creative Traditions Workshops

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Author: Bogdan Iancu

About the author:

Bogdan Iancu

Researcher, PhD., National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Romania

Lecturer, PhD., Department of Sociology, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania

E-mail: bogdan.iancu at politice dot ro

Pages: 197-203.

Keywords: Creative traditions, design, craftsmanship, knowledge.


The interviews that make up this section of the journal illustrate some of the particular challenges facing recent initiatives to recover, in a creative way, a range of artisan products. These are projects that go beyond the standard efforts at re-activation and re-animation that created a cultural landscape generally characterised by inertia. Mention should also be made here of two other equally interesting projects, Mesteshukar ButiQ, a Bucharest-based social enterprise working at giving new value to traditional Roma craftsmanship, and PATZAIKIN Design, which grounds its inspiration in the fishermen’s traditions of the Danube Delta, the name being a tribute paid to the world-famous canoeist Ivan Patzaichin. 

How to cite this article: Iancu, Bogdan. 2017. “Inside the Creative Traditions Workshops.” Martor 22: 197-203.