Martor No. 21 / Year 2016

Hay Days in the “Black Forest” – Field Notes and Photographs from Caraorman, the Danube Delta

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Author: Alexandru Iorga

About the author:

Alexandru Iorga
Associate Lecturer, PhD, Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance, University of Bucharest “Constantin Brăiloiu” Institute for Ethnography and Folklore, Romania.
E-mail: al.iorga at gmail com com

Pages: 197-203.

Keywords: hay, grass, animal husbandry, environment, the Danube Delta, Caraorman.

In this essay I will provide an account of haymaking and animal husbandry practices in a post-socialist village from the Romanian Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. The paper is based on ethnographic fieldwork conducted in the summer and autumn of 2011 in the village of Caraorman. Photographs presented in this paper were taken by the author in the same year, using different cameras. They are situated representational fragments of a quotidian that I participated in, which have emerged from my engagement with the site.

How to cite this article: Iorga, Alexandru. 2016. “Hay Days in the ‘Black Forest’ – Field Notes and Photographs from Caraorman, the Danube Delta.” Martor 21: 197-203