Martor No. 21 / Year 2016

Nature in the City

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Author: Ernö Bartha

About the author:

Ernö Bartha
Sculptor and visual artist, Romania.
E-mail: ernobartha at yahoo dot com

Pages: 188-194.

Keywords: hay sculpture, unconventional artistic material, Arkhai Sculpture Park, Transylvania.

The article signed by the artist Ernö Bartha is a contemplation of the way sculptures are created out of an ephemeral and cyclic material, hay. The artist explains the way he works with hay and conceive his work. The article ends with presenting the opinions of two art critics, Alexandra Rus (Faculty of History and Philosophy, “Babeș-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania) and Pavel Șușară (Institute for the History of Art, Romanian Academy, Romania) regarding the works of Ernö Bartha.
How to cite this article: Bartha, Ernö. 2016. “Nature in the City.” Martor 21: 188-194.