Martor No. 20 / Year 2015

Son propre corps sur les mains des autres. La manipulation quotidienne du corps souffrant

Author: Anca-Maria Pănoiu

About the author:

Anca-Maria Pănoiu
MA student at the Center of Excellence in Image Study (CESI), University of Bucharest
E-mail: anca.maria_p at yahoo dot com

Pages: 211-214

Keywords: medical anthropology, suffering body, daily interaction, limit, alterity


Contemporary prescriptions dictate that the human body should become diffuse in a ritualized way during daily social interaction, hence transforming it into an impassable barrier for the others. Consequently, touching it – willingly or not – is regarded most often as a violation of limits, as something unusual, mostly peculiar and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, the disabled body – suffering, injured, helpless – is a body that most often comes across situations when it is manipulated by others, thus experiencing and invasive alterity, with no possibility to resist.

How to cite this article:

Pănoiu, Anca-Maria. 2015. “Son propre corps sur les mains des autres. La manipulation quotidienne du corps souffrant.” Martor 20: 211-214.

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