Martor No. 20 / Year 2015

The House of the Soul

Authors: Cosmin Manolache, Lila Passima

About the authors:

Cosmin Manolache
Curator at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant
E-mail: cosmanolo at yahoo dot com

Lila Passima
Curator at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant
E-mail: lilapassima at yahoo dot com

Pages: 172- 180

Keywords: funeral customs, burial and commemoration practices, fieldwork, display, museology

The House of the Soul is the idea for an exhibition. We owe the idea in large part to the “Regions of Romania — The Buzău Region. Cultural and Natural Heritage as a Basis for Sustainable Development” project, initiated by the University of Bucharest — Geomedia Centre and inanced by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund in 2007. During fieldwork carried out in the summer of that year, we were able to do preliminary research on the subject of the alms cottage custom, one of a series of burial and commemoration practices from the north of Buzău county. In 2013 the curatorial idea took shape as a response to the proposal that the Venice Biennale of Architecture made to the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant (MȚR) to put forward an exhibition that would enter into dialogue with the theme for 2014, Fundamentals, in a space made available to the MȚR.

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Manolache, Cosmin and Lila Passima. 2015. “The House of the Soul.” Martor 20: 172-180.

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