Martor No. 20 / Year 2015

Introduction: Historicizing the Body

Authors: Alexandra Ion, Corina Doboş

About the authors:

Corina Doboș
Researcher at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest and University of Bucharest
E-mail: cori.dobos at gmail dot com

Alexandra Ion
Institute of Anthropology “Francisc I. Rainer” of the Romanian Academy
E-mail: alexandraion.archae at gmail dot com

Pages: 7-10

Keywords: body studies, cultural history of the body, corporeality, somatic society, modernity

This collection of original studies is intended to bring a contribution to the field of “body studies” and the cultural history of the body. Mediated through language, disciplined by sciences, placed under political control and the medium of social relations, the body continues to escape the rigors of discourses and representations. Herefore, under the title Bodies / Matter: Narratives of Corporeality, several articles, field notes, exhibitions and book reviews examine the ways in which the human body has been visually and narratively represented in different historical and scientific contexts.

How to cite this article:
Ion, Alexandra and Corina Doboş. 2015. “Introduction: Historicizing the Body.” Martor 20: 7-10.

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