Martor No. 20 / Year 2015

Knowledge through Gendered Body‐Centered Surveillance

Author: Laura Grünberg

About the author:

Laura Grünberg
Associate Professor, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work
E-mail: lauragrunberg at yahoo dot com

Pages: 141-153

Keywords: surveillance, gender, embodiment, body projects, biotechnologies, feminism

The article asserts an obvious fact: ubiquitous,embodied gendered surveillance has increasingly become woven into the fabric of our everyday life. As part of our daily existence, it afects – explicitly or implicitly – all the areas of our gendered and embodied experiences, but also of our theoretical and critical thinking pertaining to our societies. Ingredients about complex surveillance realities should be added to many areas of theoretical relections on the body as more and more of “the dominant concerns and anxieties of society tend to be translated into disturbed images of the body” (Turner, 2008, 32).

How to cite this article:

Grünberg, Laura. 2015. “Knowledge Through Gendered Body-Centered Surveillance.” Martor 20: 141-153.

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