Martor No. 27 / Year 2022

Embroidery with a Cause: Ten-year Anniversary of Semne Cusute [Sewn Signs]

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Swen Signs Association, Romania

Pages: 179-191


Embroidery; tradition; cultural heritage; Romania; cultural project.


The article is presenting the art project Semne cusute (Sewn Signs), focusing on on traditional embroidery’s patterns’ revival, and launched in 2012. It has already reached a community of 44,000 members. It is an enterprise that brings together cultural and artistic actions, embedded as heritage project. During all these years Semne cusute’s activity has been presented to the public by means of exhibitions, and educational workshops. The members of the community embroider to emphasize the need to preserve and teach ancient symbols, but also to coin their country (Romania) on the international map of luxury embroidery, responsible fashion, and European heritage.    

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Corduneanu, Ioana. “Embroidery with a Cause: Ten-year Anniversary of Semne Cusute [Sewn Signs]” Martor 27: 179-191. [DOI: 10.57225/martor.2022.27.13]

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