Martor No. 25 / Year 2020

“Free Choice” in Marriage-Making among Romanized Roma 

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Andreea Racleș

Justus Liebig University, Germany

Pages: 77-95

Keywords: Free choice, marriage-making, Romanianized Roma, self-identification, Ursari.

Abstract: Anthropological research with Roma has consistently shown the significance of marriage-making practices in the reproduction of distinctiveness relative to non-Roma. Yet, my research with Ursari Roma—who identify as Romanianized Roma—indicates that marriage-making and family ideals can also bring out commonalities between Roma and non-Roma, thus complicating the notion of clear-cut Roma/non-Roma distinctions. In this article, I analyze how free choice claims assist Roma in negotiating similarity and distinction between “we-Romanianized Roma” and other Roma, non-Roma, and own ideals of the past. I suggest that the claimed freedom to choose whom to marry/love and the asserted capacity to choose between “viable” and “unviable” practices are central to the repertoire of self-identification as Romanianized Roma.

How to cite this article: Racleș, Andreea. 2020. “’Free Choice’ in Marriage-Making amont Romanized Roma.” Martor 25: 77-95. [DOI: 10.57225/martor.2020.25.05]